Principal & CEO

I am privileged to have spent the last 20+ years as a
creative professional who can turn a MuppetFreakShowcreative spark and some innovative thinking into a marketing campaign that will not only knock the client’s socks off but deliver the results they are looking for. I am passionate about pushing limits and dogged about getting it right
every time.

Principal & CEO
Finding myself in a down economy with few creative jobs available, I chose to create Pixels and Ink Media LLC (formerly Provitola Artworks) and focus on digital design and non-profit work. For the past 8 years, I have successfully built a client base of tech companies in the SF Bay area, non-profits up and down the west coast and local businesses and start-ups.

Design Manager
For 6 years at Logitech, I had a dream of a job as Design Manager/Sr Art Director in the WW Brand/Corporate Identity group. Logitech created this position when they decided to build an in-house design team. Starting with a Project Manager and one full-time Designer, my team grew to include a Sr Designer, 3 full-time designers, 2 Project Managers and a pool of up to 3 additional contractors at any given time. Initially created to provide branding, packaging, photoshoots, etc for all Audio projects, we were given the additional task of also providing the same service for all Gaming products. As you can see, we had a great time together!

Please download my resume here for the whole story.